International Winter Cup

International Winter Cup
For amateur and leisure league teams.


Dear Football Lovers,

We are inviting your association/team to participate in the 1st edition of the International Winter Cup.

When is it:  Friday 11 January to Monday 14 January 2019.
Programme ends on Monday 14 January.

Where is it:  Groene Huevels bungalow resort located in the Dutch province of Gelderland close to Nijmegen and Arnhem.

What is it and why is this tournament in the winter?
For many clubs/teams, it has become too expensive to travel abroad during winter break and invest in training camp. That is the reason for this alternative in the Netherlands. The Winter Cup stands for team building and (top) football, so it is the perfect preparation for the 2nd half of the season. Partly due to its various short competitions, it is a perfect for any trainer to test out various players and/or playing styles.

But also
This event is partly organised with the underlying intent to provide recreational and lower level teams with a fantastic team weekend that represents team building, football, and celebrations.

Not interested in playing football?
If you want to spend a fun long weekend away with your team (without the football, but with the parties), then you are more than welcome. You will stay in one of the many lovely bungalows at the resort and you will not pay a registration fee for the tournament.

The football teams from the Netherlands and abroad will compete for the championship cup in three various categories. The teams play 11 on 11 in these categories:
• Men’s Tournament (17+)
• Women’s Tournament (17+)
• Men’s Tournament (35+)

The Men’s Tournament (17+) is divided into 2 classes:
• 1st teams/selection teams (top football)
• lower level (recreational/lower teams).

- Games will be played on artificial grass.

- During the tournament, KNVB rules will apply and the games will be judged by KNVB referees. The tournament will be played over a period of three days. Your team will play in the group phase on Friday and/or Saturday. The knock-out rounds and finales will take place on Sunday.

- It will be taken into account whether Saturday clubs would prefer not to play on Sunday.

- The tournament will be played on the fields of various football associations in the nearby area of the Groene Huevels bungalow resort.

- In this tournament, the aim is to pit your team against opponents of similar levels.

Registration fees for the tournament are €185 per team.

Who can participate: Amateur teams, friendly teams, company football teams, etc.

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